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This newspaper piece to accompanies the Installation

Tiny Taxonomy at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

It was made to guide you though

the installation and understand

 the plantings within, as well as

a take away piece so you could

look back and enjoy.


Tiny Taxonomy highlights the delicate beauty of mountain wildflowers and alpine perennials, common to rocky, high altitude environments, displayed in a field of 25 reflective cylinders.


Rosetta Sarah Elkin, designer

of Tiny Taxonomy, is principal

of r.s.e. landscape, a design studio based in the Netherlands with

a focus on vegetative strategies. Elkin's current projects are international in scope and include residential, commercial, and installation-based design and consulting. Elkin is presently

 the 2012-13 Daniel Urban

Kiley Fellow and Lecturer in

Landscape Architecture at

Harvard University's Graduate School of Design.


Photography of Tiny Taxonomy: Geogre Bouret (top two),

Harper (bottom)



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